Free NYT for 2011? I’m not asking questions…

I was all set to pay for an NYT digital subscription. My article tally from the last month was approaching 200, and for a few reasons, my Arts and Style reading had been less than usual. Even if Twitter paywall-hackers launched big, all that jumping would have been too much for me. I was considering dumping my landline to pay for a subscription.

As I said, in good content shape, but the jumping would’ve killed me:

Want your tally? Find it on the NYT Recommendations page.

Anyway, all set to pay, I received an e-mail Tuesday morning:

Wasn’t expecting that one. Crain’s New York explained somewhat:

The value of that offer is close to $150. There’s no catch, either—you just have to be selected.

The offer will be made to about 200,000 of the Times‘s heaviest online readers who aren’t home delivery subscribers, according to Lincoln, which expects about 100,000 people will actually activate it.

“We’ve been spending a lot of time with our media partners looking for ideas,” said Connie Fontaine, manager of U.S. Lincoln marketing communications. “Our brand is one that has a lot of great news and a lot to say but isn’t always heard. The Times did bring us this idea and we thought it was really relevant to the brand for a lot of reasons. The type of reader we’ll be able to engage through this program is a thought leader.”

A thought leader! I had fooled them but good.

I don’t know if this means I’ll be seeing Lincoln ads every day for the next year or not. But I’m willing to take that chance. If I’m required to sing this song once a month for access, I might be okay with that too.

2 thoughts on “Free NYT for 2011? I’m not asking questions…”

  1. NYT told me that Lincoln ended their free access. They had my credit card on file & started charging me. Are you still getting free access or did they force you to start paying before the end of the year as Lincoln had promised?


  2. Hi Bob — Thanks for visiting. It looks like my account is still free, but your news is interesting and strange to hear. I’ll keep an eye on it and update here if anything changes.

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