Nats set new low for St. Patrick’s Day merch

Last year, after two years of no St. Patrick’s Day green merch, the Nats got two hats. I lauded the increase as a Stephen Strasburg effect. Like a successful potato, we were on our way up and out of the ground.

This year, after the sad Strasburg injury and surgery, we remained at two green things. A women’s shirt and a women’s hoodie were all we received. But the worse news? In the green merch, we finished dead last in the majors. We had never finished dead last and alone before.

In 2007, we got one hat, and eight teams got nothing. In 2008, we got nothing, but only 13 teams got something. In 2009, we got zero but so did four other teams. Last year, when the world was bright, with Stephen Strasburg nearing the hill, we beat 13 other teams.

But, boy, was it ugly this year.

The Red Sox got 48 green items. Then Yankees got 47, including this funky driver’s cap. Beyond them, the rankings were: Phillies 40, Cubs 39, Cardinals 34,¬†Mets 28, White Sox 24, Tigers 20, Twins 18,¬†Dodgers 17, Braves 13, Brewers 12, Giants 11, Athletics 8, Indians 7, Astros 6, Mariners 6, Orioles 5, Angels 4, Blue Jays 4, Diamondbacks 4, Marlins 4, Padres 4, Pirates 4, Rays 4, Rockies 4, Royals 4, Rangers 3, Reds 3.

Nats 2.

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