Amit gets married: Day one, the Maryland party

Last weekend, my good friend Amit got married. In real life, you know Amit as my roommate freshman and senior years at Northwestern. In this blog, you know him as: co-starring in its earliest posts, dreaming about the Noyez Boyz barbershop, introducing me to candidate Patrick Cooper, agreeing that eating a Chicago-style stuffed pie on the way to a wedding reception was a good idea, and various other adventures.

The wedding was a three-day, three-state, full-scale Indian blowout, an absolutely great celebration, so by the end there was lots and lots of photos. I’ve grouped them by event for posts here in coming days.

To begin, we have the opening party, the sangeet, at Amit’s parents’ home in Maryland, up near my cousins. I met Karen, Tracy (the four of us had a freshman-year friendship that was now 12-and-a-half years and counting) and Tracy’s husband Mike (first appearing in the pizza-infused wedding mentioned above), and the night began. There was the much-anticipated arrival of the bride-to-be, Shikha. There was all sorts of catching up with college friends, with Sumo on camera. There were the plates of deliciousness that didn’t stop nearly all evening.

There was the storm that barged in, but there were the performances set to start inside and the tent surviving outside. My seat didn’t have good camera angles on the singing, but it was perfect for the dancing. My photos trailed off back outside, when Karen and Jomy snagged the table next to the desserts. Mike and I ran the spread with the help of Amit’s cousins Rahul and Pete. Ice cream, amazing across continents.

The torches were burning as we rolled out, rode back across Howard County and got a short night’s rest before the bus trip to New York.

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