Music from late in the week: Florence, Truckers, Bruce

When the exhaustion set in, here’s what was good to hear.

1. Florence and the Machine’s Not Fade Away cover, off the new Buddy Holly cover set, Rave On. I love the subliminal intensity of the original and the exposed flip of the Stones and Springsteen live ’78 versions, and the new take plays for the middle, strong vocals over ramshackle instruments. Could we invent a washboard tuba subgenre, please?

Ranking the rest of the preview five, from liked most to liked least: The Black Keys’ Dearest, Julian Casablancas’ Rave On, My Morning Jacket’s pretty-but-not-super-creative True Love Ways, and Paul McCartney’s determined-but-way-too-weird (disturbing even) It’s So Easy.

Am looking forward to the rest of the covers. Cee Lo!

1a. UPDATE. And there you go. Realized upon publish that music folks updated the player since I first saw it. The Florence and the Machine video is now spun off, and Cee Lo has joined the player. All pretty fun.

2. Via No Depression, Patterson Hood and Jay Gonzalez doing a bunch of Truckers stuff in a bakery, starting with Used to be a Cop, my favorite off their new album. See more performances from this cool music series (and I figure part two of this video eventually) at

3. An alternate mix of Bruce’s New York City Serenade, off a homemade Sessions at the 914 bootleg, via Steve from Maine, who’s commented on this blog in the past. The mix is stripped down — no soft congas backing the lyrics, no strings rising in the middle section, no E Street vocals backing when the girl doesn’t take train. Perfect for the times when you love the song but need to turn down the noise in your life.

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