My five favorite things about the Tina Fey book

Not including the wonderful back-cover Bossypants recommendations. Also, if you are afraid of the book’s man-hands front cover, you should open the book and read it. Then you can’t even see the front cover!

So, my five favorite things about the book, picked up at Tina night:

1. Addressing the scar in chapter one.

2. This line about a girl hanging lights for a play and swearing: “It was like looking in the monkey cage but you can understand the monkey, and what the monkey is saying is ‘Fuck all these fucking zoo people.’ ”

3. And these sentences, explaining improv: “THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, only opportunities. If I start a scene as what I think is very clearly a cop riding a bicycle, but you think I am a hamster in a hamster wheel, guess what? Now I’m a hamster in a hamster wheel. I’m not going to stop everything that it was really supposed to be a bike. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up being a police hamster who’s been put on ‘hamster wheel’ because I’m ‘too much of a loose cannon’ in the field.”

4. The chapter about… Evanston! *Captain Kangaroo ping-pong balls.*

5. How I used up my five things on the first eight chapters, with 17 left to go; but having read the entire book, knowing Tina is probably okay with this, just like how she’s okay with her husband, like me, not much liking flying. (In related news, guess what I’m doing tomorrow night!)

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