The Kopecky Family Band is the real deal

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Kopecky Family Band. Gurus at NPR Music stumbled upon them by accident. When the gurus had them in for a Tiny Desk, the rest of us went because the gurus explained as much, To go from the stumble to the invite, this band had to be good.

And so they were. I’ve yet to be more surprised at a Tiny Desk, even when the little-girl opera singer came. As Lindsay once said, “it’s the chords, man.” But in the case of the Kopecky Family Band, it’s also the lyrics, the group intensity and the offbeat coalescing in the musicality.

You need to hear to understand. Start with the Tiny Desk below, live for just a couple days now. Then go to the band’s website, open the jukebox in the upper-right and stream the EPs from the last year. Let them take over your work day or evening (or at least part of either).

Then, if you can, go see a real show. Caught them in the Sixth and I basement space a few weeks ago, and amped up it was a really good time. The band put noise behind notes with a fire and care, not losing track of the songs amid harder guitar and beats. Plus, they struck me again like friendly people. (Cool.) I would see them again in a second.

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