Five songs for the week: Amy, Truckers, Bon Iver, Ryan, Richard

1. After Amy Winehouse’s sad death, Casey posted and linked to this video, a beautiful, dark, nearly unaccompanied studio performance. This version of Love is a Losing Game is the one you need to hear.

2. Music in the Hall posts┬áthe rest of the Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood and Jay Gonzalez at a cool bakery in Oxford, Miss. (First half.) It takes something special to play music that fits an odd space just right.

3. Bon Iver’s Holocene. I don’t know Bon Iver too well, but friend Amy says she’d been listening to it a ton. I played this June rendition and couldn’t stop listening either. The man himself explains the song to NPR Music as: “Our lives feel like these epochs, but really we are dust in the wind. But I think there’s a significance in that insignificance….”

4. Ryan Adams, Monday Night. I loved this song when I heard it on a bootleg. Then I forgot it existed. But then I joined Spotify, came across the song and loved it again. My first Spotify find (or re-find). All I want is to roll through your fingers, baby / All I need is to make it alright / All I want is to be your connection / Win your affection, be your reflection….

5. Little Richard, Ready Teddy. I’m so damn restless this week. Growl. Toss up between this song and the Stones’ trashy Dancing with Mr. D.

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