Eight moments of food truck questions in 2011

1. Could the Pi truck, with its cornmeal crust, compete with a serious Chicago-style pizza? Was the truck’s James Brown mix the best food-truck soundtrack in the city? No (good but not mind-blowing) and yes.

2. Would I ever buy fries from the Fry Captain? After going 0-2 in 2010, this year didn’t start well. The propane tank broke as I was just a few customers away from the window, and then I waited 45 minutes for a milkshake. Another a month later proved more fortunate. Friend Marc and I found a tiny line, ordered quickly and then brainstormed all the disaster scenarios in which we would not get our fries. Would preppy jackasses get the last fries? Would the propane explode? No. Success.

3. Would life be better with fresh pasta trucks? Initial answer was yes. Then my stomach hurt for the next 36 hours. Can’t prove link but ugh.

4. What is the most meta ice cream treat in the modern world? If you said “a Dippin’ Dots milkshake,” you are correct, and it was delicious.

5. Does the chipwich truck really exist? I questioned the existence for a long time. The truck had made mostly location-free tweets, along the lines of, “Who loves ice cream!” So, when it promised free chipwiches (an ice cream sandwich using two cookies) at Franklin Park, I was all kinds of skeptical but went anyway. Turned out to be true! Day-maker.

6. Could one go back to the lobster roll truck? The truck was my first, and it took more work than any I’d visited since. The trip last year took close to two hours, thankfully on a slow day, and the roll didn’t knock me out. But with the truck coming a block away from NPR (seen in the background of the picture below), I had to try again. Marc and I briefly considered a race in which I would go to the truck and he would go to Luke’s Lobster down 7th Street, with the possible wildcard of sending buddy Wes to Maine in a hot-air balloon. But it was too hot outside for such shenanigans, and the truck line was short when we arrived. The roll was better than what I recalled of the first time. Cold, fresh win.

7. What does a charity cheesecake truck taste like? Like it was totally worth us hustling out of work mid-afternoon to catch it before it left.

8. Can you reboot a food truck? Yes. The original Dangerously Delicious truck left the street. Its Twitter went dark. Then the feed revived and referred us to a new feed. Then a new truck — red, beating the earlier, hard-to-see, all-black model — arrived. The pie tasted the same: good.

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