Wild things come out of the forest, you say?

Marah soon plays the D.C. area for the first time since the rapture. The band is going to do Jammin’ Java  on September 14, and expectations are running high/curious. This leg of dates has both brothers Bielanko for the first time in a few years. Serge and family have returned to the East from Utah. The arrangement, however, doesn’t appear to be any return to the old days. In a new interview, Serge says he’s only coming back partially, and… well, it’s one odd interview. Or set of interviews.

The second and third questions with Dave:

SWERVE: Were you set to play longer that night? You made a comment late in the set about going longer, but seemed like you pulled the plug early because of the sound.


SWERVE: (And feel free to let your true feelings fly as we here at Swerve are pretty sure our review of their shitty job at the Thunderbird and a subsequent review of another act at the Hard Rock Cafe, where the sound man left the board numerous times during a set, have us on a ‘list to not be invited back.’ I knew you were fighting an uphill battle when the sound tech couldn’t get the lights dimmed after you asked and he, actually, brightened them twice before doing what was asked…)

DB: zzzzzzzzz

But it gets better. Serge: “I have no fucking clue what people like or why. The world is the world and it spins fast; stuff goes flying in and out of your head at a thousand mph. What sticks and why: no one knows. If you don’t manufacture/deal in oil or carbonated soda in the Western World, then you’re simply rolling the dice.”

A similarly fun recent passage?

Serge talks to my buddy Randy about a Badly Drawn Boy album for Randy’s RockTorch.com. “I think it there might be magic spells hidden back behind the chords. Whenever I put it on, usually in the car, I see deer and rabbits and shit. Wild things come out of the forest. That doesn’t happen with most records, you know. I never had it happen when I played any other albums, so I quit listening to most of them.”

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