Three videos: Jeff Tweedy covers the Black Eyed Peas

Yes. Not only does Dan Sinker get a great review from Northwestern English great Bill Savage in today’s Trib, but Rahm Emanuel attended his book-release party last night and — making part of Sinker’s fake Rahm narrative come true — Jeff Tweedy performed Black Eyed Peas songs. Three of them, at full length. Two were sung. One was read.

In seeming order (hat tip to Time Out Chicago)…

1. I Gotta Feeling.

2. Rock That Body.

3. My Humps.

To the tapers/posters of these videos, you are awesome.

Tweedy at one point says he hopes he can forget all these songs by the time the tour starts. As someone with tickets to an early date, let’s hear a full-band I Gotta Feeling. Got potential if you let Nels dig in…

Now, when will the Peas cover Wilco?

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