For my brother, on his birthday

Rob took this photo for me a long time ago, and it has sat around ever since. For his birthday today, I salute him and his accompanying note: “Fyi, the cheddar flavor creates a perfect cross between Cheerios and Cheetos.” This is why we are brothers and why I respect and love him.

Not only is he a fine investment banker (and an upstanding investment banker, it must be said in this day and age), but he understands and, I know, appreciates the finer things in life. Like Cheerios! And Cheetos!

Happy 29th, brother Rob! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. It’s sure hard to believe you’ll be 30 next time. Give me a year on that one.

To continue the celebration, more pictures, nearly lost on my machine, of boxes of cereal, all of which remind me of my brother in some way…

Why it reminds: Rob and I have eaten cereal together for a long time.

Why it reminds: We both like to read the back of cereal boxes.

Why it reminds: As kids visiting Florida, we liked to play shuffleboard.

Why it reminds: This is likely Rob’s game face when he makes deals.

Why it reminds: Friend Meghan took this picture a while back during a NYC visit. “Thought you’d be a fan of this dude walking to work with his box of Cheerios,” she wrote. Yes! And I looked to see if it was Rob.

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