Successful trip to the city’s first meatballs restaurant

You heard me right. Washington now has a meatballs restaurant. It’s called “Meatballs.” Colleagues Sondra, Lauren and I visited for lunch last week, after its opening. We left impressed and full of meatballs.

The place was packed when we arrived around 12:30, but tables grew easier to find over the hour. Music by the door was ear-splittingly loud.

But the volume was better further into the restaurant, and the menu distracted us from all else. For this first visit, I went the simple route: classic meatballs, inside sliders, with marinara and mozzarella slices added on. The pricing was odd: half the posted price for two sliders. Why not offer four sliders at regular price? I would have eaten four.

Under the counter: collections of balls. Sorry for blurriness. (But aren’t my new iPhone photos so much better than my old BlackBerry ones?)

Like any restaurant a few days after opening, the line was a work in progress but doing well, working quickly despite occasional confusion. Boded well. Putting menu signage further back in the line could help.

Taste: Win. Again, could have easily eaten four sliders instead of two. Both Sondra and Lauren liked their pasta choice, and Lauren gave a special shout-out to the mushroom sauce. Will definitely try next time.

Bonus thing: Sitting just over Sondra’s right shoulder was actor/wonk Kal Penn. Cool to see him for lots of reasons: Harold and Kumar,¬†How I Met Your Mother, and, whether one agrees with his politics or not, that he likes hanging out in Washington. We left him alone, as did others.

In short? The front window is fun, but the balls are seriously good.

Heading back soon to try more varieties.

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