Feels good to breathe again

Back in the blogging saddle here.

A month ago, I got a cold. Then, as the cold left, The Cough returned and didn’t let go. The Cough ran my life until Christmas weekend when a new cold struck with a vengeance. The two forces teamed up to kick my butt and, a few times a day, leave me short of air. After trying lots of regimens of sinus then cold then cough meds, I gave up and went to the doctor. “Asthma!” he said. He gave me a trio of meds, and I felt better within hours of trying them. Going-out-to-dinner good. For the first time in a month, I felt like me again. I could exclaim, talk long, talk short, laugh, emote, without worrying about the effects. It was great.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep. Medicines designed to shock and blow out the pipes in your head are no drowsers. I couldn’t sleep for most of the next couple days. I spent the end of the week working at home.

After taking off the beginning of it, my first sick days in a couple years, that was good enough for me. Not that my subconscious enjoyed it. I like being in the office. What little sleep I did get featured two terrific, movie-worthy nightmares about work. I wish I could remember more about them. They would have made quality adds to this blog’s Dreams About Work. But anyway. My sleep finally got back on track last night. The Cough is gone, and only a little cold remains. I’m drinking a mango vitamin drink as I blog to further destroy it. Victory/life is within reach.

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