Returning to the depths of Hell Burger

Forgive me. It has been more than a year since my last Hell Burger. To make up for my great burger failing, I went big during last week’s visit.

1. October 2008. Burger of Seville.
2. September 2009. Regular mushroom-and-swiss burger.
3. January 2010. Soul Burger Number One.
4. February 2010. The Dog Catcher.
5. September 2010. B.I.G. Poppa.
6. December 2011. Fat Joe.

Yes, the Fat Joe. “Seared Foie Gras with a Balsamic Glaze, White Truffle Oil, Crispy Shallots, Vine-Ripened Tomato.” The burger was somewhat reminiscent of the late Burger of Seville, from my first visit, which had seared foie gras, sauteed mushrooms, bordelaise sauce and truffle oil.

With Fat Joe, the shallots and tomato made for a lighter experience. I wasn’t sure whether I ordered the right size or not, though. Since my last trip, Ray’s added “Big Devil” and “Little Devil” sizes. I don’t recall which size they used to give to everyone. I got the Little Devil, a third-pounder, which was plenty big, but I wasn’t sure it was big enough.

Burgers I have yet to try on the list: The Mack, The New Jack Zing, Big Punisher,¬†and Grilled Vegetable Stack. Zing is spicy, and Big Punisher’s even more so. Lori, who loves spice, didn’t beat the Zing without her eyes watering. These burgers scare me. But one day they too will fall.

4 thoughts on “Returning to the depths of Hell Burger”

  1. I’ve had the New Jack Zing. It’s got a spicy edge but I wouldn’t call it brutal. It was quite good (is it possible to *get* a bad burger at Ray’s?).

  2. First off, you’re right — no. Second, on the spicy level, aren’t you the guy who attends events based around specialty BBQ devices? Haven’t all the hot sauces numbed you out some by this point?

  3. Feh, there is nothing more lazy than thermonuclear hot. It covers up everything else. The skill is in balancing the heat against something else (one reason why I love really good Thai food). As far as BBQ goes, most of the rubs I make emphasize sweet and savory over hot — there’s a heat note in there, but it’s not too strong.

    BTW, I occasionally add a little chipotle and adobo to nature’s perfect food, the sweet potato.

  4. Cleaning out my bookmarks, I found this story. I’m not sure why I saved it as it largely supports your arguments. Maybe to accuse you of being some kind of hipster? I need to get my pumpkin act back together in 2012.

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