Rube Goldberg is responsible for my favorite news video this week

As I just posted on Twitter, I want to befriend people who make Rube Goldberg machines. My quality of life would go up just knowing them.

Watch and enjoy. (Can’t say I’m a fan of this expansive, framed embed of The New York Times, but I’ll admit I did just click on the story link. It’s good as well, explaining how a young man gets into this line of work.)

Updated January 14:  Thinking about Rube Goldberg again today got me looking for his obituaries in scanned Google News archives. In my search (God bless participating papers), I found Milwaukee Journal editorial from Wednesday, December 9, 1970. Closing paragraphs:

In his 80s, Goldberg turned to sculpturing. Just two weeks ago, the Smithsonian Institution opened an exhibit of his work. And not long before his death Monday at 87, Goldberg described his invention for getting rid of long winded speakers.

A quarter (A) sings a sad song and a man nearby (B) breaks down and cries into a flower pot (C). Flower (D), wetted by his tears, grows and tickles the feet (E) of a man sitting on top of a children’s slide (F). He slides down and bumps into a Civil War bugler (G) at the bottom of the slide and wakes him up. Bugler blows reveille into the face of an innocent bystander (H) who catches cold and sneezes into the propeller (I) which starts a bell-like machine (J), raising an American flagging, popping off guns, emitting smoke and, finally, extending a broom (K) which sweeps the overlong speaker off the platform.

Rube Goldberg, we’ll miss you.

Also, I learned from 1915 to 1933 Goldberg wrote a comic strip called “Boob McNutt.” Characters included “Lala Palooza” and “Mike & Ike.”

2 thoughts on “Rube Goldberg is responsible for my favorite news video this week”

  1. I could go for one of those this morning. It feels like there’s a good amount of work involved, but that ramp to the table is where things really pay off. We need more stuff rolling down ramps in everyday life.

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