iPhone people, beware the Love Genie

A month ago, I received a text message from the Love Genie. I didn’t know the Love Genie, but he — presumably a he — promised to send me love tips if I wrote back. As much help as Love Genie undoubtedly could offer, I did not write back. I never heard from Love Genie again.

Until my Verizon bill arrived this month, when the Love Genie made a surprise return at $9.99 a month. Poof! Magic! Not only was my wish his command, my non-wish was also his command, at $9.99 a month.

But this post is one of praise, not of anger. When I called Verizon, I received probably the best service I’ve ever received from a telecom company. Within a minute, the Verizon billing rep had recognized the scam charge. Within three minutes or so, she had removed the cost, knocked off the charge that was already sitting on the next month’s bill, given me instructions on how to stop any future Love Genie txts, blocked premium messaging on my account, shared trends she had seen in the scam, and explained how she watched for these scams with her own phone. I wished later I had gotten the rep’s name. If anything could stop the Love Genie, it was the Verizon Billing Genie.

One thought on “iPhone people, beware the Love Genie”

  1. I got the same service from a lovely Verizon rep named Douglas. Took care of the crediting, put the block on all of our phones, made sure the service was shut off and I could go on with my day.

    SO nice to be treated well and be valued as a customer!

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