Food trucks + wine + journalism = this

When I heard the Press Club’s restaurant was hosting a night full of food-truck food with wine pairings, I bought tickets within a minute. I hadn’t had time to visit the trucks as much this winter, but I still liked their meals and¬†entrepreneurial¬†spirit. The NPC, I’ve always liked its food and spirit too. The night turned out well — seven courses, each paired, over three hours. Fourth Estate manager Justin and chef Susan were gracious hosts, with journo-friendly skill and energy to them.

On the menu: Big Cheese had my favorite sandwich. I’d never tried Go Fish and Lemongrass before, and both were winners. DC Empanadas had the spiciest offering of the night, and they announced they were opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant, which was awesome. BBQ Bus, which I’d also never been able to try before, lived up to reputation for doing good things with pork. By that point in the meal, we were pretty stuffed. But the wine pick for that one, as Justin predicted to the room earlier, was the best. All were good, all different. But the wine slid us there better than we had any right to expect into cupcakes and beer.

My raffle ticket fell one away from winning cooking class. Not bad in a room of 200. Still felt like a winner, though. A stuffed, sleepy winner.

One thought on “Food trucks + wine + journalism = this”

  1. Painfully stuffed. Couldn’t finish a short rib stuffed. Left half a cupcake on my plate stuffed. (These never happen). But the company made the pain more than bearable! Good find.

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