‘NPR is a cult’ claim proven

Friend Elise hosted March’s Online News Association D.C. meet-up at NPR, and the talks were Ignite format. Each speaker (five total) had five minutes and 20 slides total, with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Friends Javaun, Claire and Michael were among the speakers, and all were terrific. They were smart, funny and — of course — fast.

In Javaun’s presentation, pictured above, there was a photo from the day editor Mark compared us to a picnic table. The Facebook original:

And among other photos in Javaun’s presentation were these two:

Some day, when Javaun is rich and famous worldwide for his iPhone photos of coworkers wearing the same thing, I want residual checks.

2 thoughts on “‘NPR is a cult’ claim proven”

  1. The slide with all of the photos is still blowing my mind. Readers, this is what your life is like with ONA. Join! Come to the events! Or just sit next to me in similar clothing. The effect is similar.

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