Taxes done, past battles remembered

I’m not a fan of stock pages in newspapers. In a time of less content space and ad revenue, they take up lots of space and allow no ads. Worst, any readers — using a magnifying glass to read the now-tiny text, of only selected stocks — doesn’t stand much chance of making money. The market moves too fast now for daily readings to keep up.

At my previous employ, though, the stock listings were sacrosanct. A small number of readers wrote in every year to say the listings were why they had renewed a subscription. Every few years, a number of Web and print staffers would take runs at the pages. But… windmills.

So, it was amusing, while doing my taxes last night and hunting down the basis for a stock sale, to find in the last next-to-last paragraph, of a TurboTax pop-up saying, “For shares purchased more than 10 years ago, go to a public library [emphasis gloriously theirs] or law school library and look for back issues of newspapers, such as USA Today, to find the high and low price on the date of purchase.” I was so wrong.

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