Celebrating Easter outside and at table

This blog has so much catch-up to do, not the least of which are shots from a beautiful Easter Sunday last weekend. Saw the Strahotas and Coxes at church, had time to eat some Easter candy and bread around the house, and went to the cousins’ house for a big family gathering.

The song running through my head all the hours after church was the closing hymn, Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee. The song sticks in your head because it uses the tune of Ode to Joy (the first bars of which were one of the few successes of my Groupon piano lessons). But the song does so especially on warm and sunlit Easters because it’s an outdoor song.

The tree on the parking, just after getting out of church at 11.

First bursts alongside the neighbor’s driveway out front.

The backyard.

The first bloom on the rose bush on the side of the house.

Then we head to the cousins’ house, and it’s nice to stay outside. 

The Easter-egg hunt soon begins in the yard.

This is what success looks like.

Rob and I spend several minutes debating how he might fit in the car.

In the end, cousin Quinn ends up inside.

I’ll admit he fits better than Rob would have. 

Cousin Jessica bats. Uncle John pitches. 

Rob captures my liner. (Cousin Greg catches it. But his hands sting.)

It’s a nice surprise to see cousin Joe, my cousins’ cousin, stop by.

The dining room is ready.

Then dinner is ready. We sit down, pray and turn off our phones.

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