The marrow of life and dinner

Sunday night, after an afternoon adventure at Mount Vernon (pictures to come in a subsequent post, tomorrow we can hope), Lori, Kyle and I ended up at Virtue Feed and Grain in Alexandria. The restaurant had a stretch of windows open to the evening breeze, and the menu topped decent expectations. The quirkiness made me think about how tastes eventually grew up. The food made me happy for it. I was thankful for everyone who helped grow mine, all the years through Sunday night.

Things I ate for dinner Sunday that I would have eaten 10 years ago:

1. Deviled eggs.

Things I ate for dinner Sunday that I would not have eaten 10 years ago:

1. Fried mushrooms with aioli. (Because mushrooms scared me.)

2. Irish pigs in a blanket. (I wouldn’t have known/asked what it was.)

3. A chili cheese dog. (Because I was a picky eater.)

4. Potato skins. (A very picky eater.)

5. Bone marrow, in the bone. (Because I was not yet a full-grown man who exercised his dominion over the beasts of the field and drank the marrow of life! … And once got marrow on his Hell Burger and liked it.)

Notes: The mushrooms were balled and rolled. I could have eaten the whole basket, and they won over the entire table at first taste. The potato skins were also amazing — laden with braised short ribs — but we ordered them after we were full and couldn’t appreciate them fully.

The bone marrow was as much of a trip as we’d hoped. We received a thin half-spear, half-spoon to root the marrow from the bone. In total, we didn’t get more than a few teaspoons out. But the taste and sheer entertainment value made it more than worth the $6 we paid for it.

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