Adventure Park II: Return to the Skies

Two years ago, friend Sheri and I took to the air above Sandy Spring, Md., on a LivingSocial deal and (for heights-hating folks like myself) a prayer.

This weekend, I went back to the Adventure Park with my brother, Rob, and his girlfriend, Danielle. They were in town for his birthday weekend — the big 3-0! My little brother was getting old. But we climbed trees, hung from wires, ran across wooden boards, and swung though the air like we did not fear the inevitable long downhill walk toward the grave. Hooray!

The above photo captured the heights pretty well. Got my blood pumping for sure. But I felt more comfortable this time than I did the first time at the park. I began to understand how folks really got into the treetop life.

More photos…

Danielle braves the zip-line.

Rob zips below me.

Rob lands and Danielle is glad to see him.

We were up there a couple hours and loved the views.

Threw my camera to Rob when he was done, and he got some shots.

I managed to get myself onto a course higher/harder than I’d expected…

But it turned out to be an awesome challenge, and I made it back down…

Wooooooooo, says one exhausted dude. 

Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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