Nothing like a song that takes a chance

The new Gaslight Anthem album, Handwritten, is a more raw effort than the band’s previous albums. It’s taken me some time to get into. But I’m at a point now where few days pass without one of its songs in my head.

My favorite is probably Here Comes My Man, and a rock-punk band writing from a woman’s perspective takes a chance. But the attempt lands well and has some of the album’s best writing. I’ve tried to decide my favorite couplet from the song and have failed repeatedly. Is it at the beginning…

Let the good night decide who she wants me to find
And I’ll never let you drop another tear in my eye

Or a little later…

So I packed up my things and I faced up my doubts
You know I think I will grow my hair back out

Or later still…

Maybe time will tell you
Why I got so much hell to sell you

The video is simple and direct, and the enterprise feels worth it.

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