Four poems that tip me over this month

Dear Reader” by Rita Mae Reese. “You have forgotten it all. / You have forgotten your name, / where you lived, who you / loved, why.”

The Present” by Jim Harrison. “The cost of flight is landing.”

Prayer” by Lia Purpura. Poem is at the very bottom of that link.

Hide and Seek” by Kay Ryan. A modicum of words goes so far in Ryan’s hands. Saw her read Monday night at the Folger for a celebration of Emily Dickinson’s birthday, and she offered up this line: “Greatness isn’t doing it all right. It’s doing it right at all.” Post on that night hopefully to come.

I read the four poems in different, unlikely moments of sitting still. All four made me want to sit still more often and find deeper levels of stillness. The way time goes, the more I want to stop more time from arriving. I don’t have anything against time. I am just having trouble keeping up with it.

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