We wait for the big man on main street

The Christmas parade in FredericksburgĀ is an amazing tradition to exist still in 2012. The whole town comes out to the main loop through the historic downtown, and floats on trucks and their close cousins make everyone’s night. I’m sure such parades happen in lots of other small- and medium-sized towns around the country, but to find one with so much enthusiasm so close to D.C. is what keeps me so happy on the sidewalk in the cold.

Thanks a million to Lori for introducing me to her parade, and Jym, Anna, Laura, Christine, Paul, Emily, and Eric for hosting us all around the town.

Oh, for an iPhone5 and moderately better low-light abilities. But onward!

Among my favorites, of course, were Shiners racing miniature trucks.

Following closely was the spinning Shiner fez car.

Best float in the parade, from the National Park Service.

Worst float in the parade, from people playing beer pong on the float.

Combined marching band! Bands coming together to be awesomely loud.

Last, of course, was the arrival of the big man, drawing big, big cheers.

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