Favorite things in the latest Runcible Spoon

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1. How Malaka mailed it in a gold envelope.

2. How much, while reading James Ringwald’s “Hot Dog for Breakfast,” I want to eat a Lazy Corndog, which sounds awful but great. “Alternate bites of cooked hot dog and light cornbread. Mix in mouth, swallow, repeat.”

3. How, in Wesley Tashir-Rodriguez’s “It’s Always Morning Somewhere,” I learned in Italy people eat gelato on brioche. New life goal for me.

4. How in Claire’s “Illustrated Guide to Rube Goldberg Breakfast Machinery” the machine in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure gets notes of confusion on how it works, confirming my suspicions as I saw it this winter for the first time.

5. How Lori’s “What’s for Breakfast?” cut-me-out paper fortune-teller (go Community!) included on one panel just a bananas sticker.

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