The music where music leads us

That Jason Isbell story the other day sent me on a Spotify journey. First, his live album, then his wife’s last album, then some from fellow alt-artist Kasey Chambers, whose Dam I loved on the first No Depression collection.

Later, as I got to blogging about movies, I looped back — let the circle be unbroken — to Lucero and a sibling of their Mud work, Union Pacific Line.

And then I ran across the new Cover Lay Down post saluting the end of the year for the blogger’s high-school Media Literacy class — necessary! — and found the Indigo Girls do a great cover of The Clash’s Clampdown.

Goodnight and good luck with those songs, friends. They have me — or maybe I have myself — at loose ends late tonight, and I’m not ready for Monday. It’s going to arrive, and I’m going to show up for it. But still.

Last week, an industry friend told me my interests seemed to fall between the industry and The Other, and a work friend of the past couple years told me he had no idea what I was into other than work. Both were on point, I think. I want something that isn’t there, and hell if I know how to say it.

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