Time, stress, food

After a big project ends, time has a strange feeling, and food has an odd relationship with time. Instead of stress, you have phantom stress, like a phone’s phantom vibrations but in your brain. At the same time, a pattern of eating for survival — fuel to fight — loses its core force. As real hunger stays, the drive for food fishtails in a day’s corners, jittering on the rough.

And that’s the only reason why these links have stuck with me for days. Sliders in a bird feeder? Sounds terrific. Depressed cake? Cheers me up. Parmesan cheese pencils? I could write with them every day forever.

There is also this slow-motion Gallagher video, which I think I’ve decided is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen this week (beating the colorized classic photos I said earlier today were my favorite visuals of the week). But my love for this video probably has less to do with food and much more to do with Gallagher’s ease of destruction and ease of starting over again clean, existing without sad cycles of building, maintaining and replacing artifice.

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