Pouring chords over the stress

Years back, what I needed to fall asleep some nights was finding the right song. Until I found that song, I was wired. But when the song turned up, my body and mind would start to relax, and that was the end of the day.

Friday night, at the end of a productive but overloaded week, I needed to find such a song and went hunting. The result? Three songs, all loud, but adding up to peacefulness. The first two came from a great New Yorker list of lost concert films now turning up on YouTube. The third was in the No Depression email. I slept deeply and woke up not thinking of my worries.

Dylan playing a rock-speed Shelter from the Storm.

The Ronettes singing Be My Baby and owning the room.

Black Joe Lewis, Come to My Party, via public radio, via No Depression.

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