Oh, what watching NU football must do a 103-year-old…

I like alumni magazines. But I love the alumni updates in the back matter of alumni magazines. So, continuing my occasional posting of favorites, here are highlights from the Northwestern magazine winter 2013 issue.

From a 103-year-old in the class of 1933, the mag’s first listing: “She keeps up with current events and cheers on the Wildcats football team.”

From a class of 1954 graduate: “… was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 inoperable lung cancer at age 80, but after aggressive chemotherapy is cancer free. She planned to take a 17-day trip to Africa in the fall.”

From a school of engineering graduate, now living in Manchester, Conn.: “… was recently selected at Manchester’s first town troubadour.”

From a political┬áconsultant, news that one of his TV spots had won a contest: “The spot won first place for best use of a negative contrast.”

From a historian: “… has worked as a clown with the Ringling Brothers & Bailey Circus, equity actor and playwright and military policeman.”

From an actor: “is best known for his role as the Geico caveman.”

Doesn’t matter whom from: “With a month to herself, she booked a last-minute trip to Thailand to visit a friend she had not seen in almost 10 years. While there, she rode elephants and played with baby tigers.”

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