Too long since a Bruceleg day

The new issue of Backstreets arrived the other day, and Flynn McLean has a terrific column catching up on the best Springsteen bootleg releases of the last couple years. His list of course sent me hunting for them on the Web, as gray and snowy as it is this afternoon, and I had some success, both with the links below and the YouTube video above, a missing link between Pink Cadillac (a B-side, mind you) When the Lights Go Out (dead until Tracks) and On the Prowl, one of my favorite totally thrown-away Bruce songs ever.

The boot fruits of this afternoon’s searches:

The Fox. Finally an amazing tape of the Darkness show at Atlanta’s Fox Theater. Was always a boot a listener wanted to be great. Now it is.

Doucuer de Vivre. Sequel to the one and only Piece de Resistance.

The Ties That Bind. Upgraded version of the long-circulating album that nearly was, destined for the trash bin and partial revival on The River.

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