Videos: Springsteen’s best/most unexpected covers down under

Counting down…

5. Auckland, New Zealand. Opening with a cover of Lorde’s Royals. Count this as most unexpected, not best. Great, adventurous idea. Okie-style, though, was not the right choice. But let’s get more experiments like this.

4. Sydney, Australia. Covering INXS, getting loud — Don’t Change.

3. Adelaide, Australia. Highway to Hell opening.

2. Brisbane, Australia. Opening with Stayin’ Alive (yes, that one), turning out so much better than expected, into It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City.

1. Hunter Valley, Australia. Opening with an awesome 10-minute version of Spill the Wine. Here’s the official video, which is great, except for in how it makes Seeds, the show’s fourth song, appear to be the second song. Just bizarre. It’s nothing new if you’ve heard the sources of the Live ’75-’85 box set, but I thought we’d left that weirdness behind us. Still… spill the wine.

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