Matt Williams on management

Love this long quote from him in the Post, as the finally-getting-healthy Nationals deal having with four terrific players in three outfield spots.

While pulling players in and out of the lineup, Williams would face a steep challenge – providing everyone enough playing time to keep them fresh and keeping players rested for a stretch run without irking veterans who have earned their status as an everyday player. …

“It’s not easy, but it’s part of the job,” Williams said. “We do it collectively, too. The guys understand, hey, if you need a day, then come let us know. We’ll figure out where we could possibly do that. They’re honest. They let us know. We respect that. We all to win games, but you have to look at the long run. And a day off for a certain guy at a certain time may be the best thing in the long run. It’s not easy. But we’ll deal with it.”

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