Love a rocker who reads

Amazon Music’s “Amazon Music Book Club” series talks to Brian Fallon about the new Gaslight Anthem record. The book club is a great idea.

I picked up Ezra Pound’s Collected Works and I picked up T.S. Eliot’s Selected Poems as well as Rimbaud. I was reading these three things at the same time and I can’t remember specific lines I read, but I remember what it was doing by putting it together. I was looking at it as pieces of a puzzle. I was very analytical about it. I remember reading the line “I became a fabulous opera” in Rimbaud. That’s different. And you understand that and you can picture it in your mind. But why does it resonate? Instead of thinking that I needed to take that line and put it in a song, I would think about why it resonated. It leads you through so many doors. And then you find out Arthur Rimbaud was 14 when he wrote that and you feel like a failure. T.S. Eliot was probably six and writing with a crayon.

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