On repeat in my tabs this week — thank you, No Depression

The first two links come from its quality email newsletter.

Drive-by Truckers, The Day John Henry Died. How have I not heard it before? Jason Isbell, you’re such a damn good songwriter. I mean, come on…

I watched the rain; it settled in. We disappeared for days again.
Most of us were staying in, lazy like the sky.
The letters flew across the wire filtered through a million liars.
The whole world smelled like burning tires the day John Henry died.

Bruce and E Street covering Clampdown. Solid cover, really clean mics.

Lucinda Williams, Are You Alright? I think I’ve posted this song here before, back when… I don’t remember. I associate with some Will Ferrell movie… one of the comedies… and that seems odd. Anyway. Was great to hear it prominently in True Detective when I caught up on that this week.

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