Florida trip, day two: Spring training on St. Patrick’s Day

In mid-March 2013, Kyle, Becky, Lori, and I went to Orlando to visit Kyle’s grandparents, Disney World and spring training. I took so many photos. Too many photos. The idea of all that photo cropping… well, here we are.

Part two of three is green waffles, Nats-Tigers and Luigi’s.

Kyle’s grandmother and sister made us all amazing green waffles.

Then it was off to spring training! Nationals at Tigers in Lakeland, Fla.

Let me remind you — and explain the waffles: It was St. Patrick’s Day.

Clouds came and went, but all in all we had fantastic baseball weather.

They’re not kidding about how close you get. Here’s Lombo running by.

The first at-bat of a new year cheering for our Nats. 

I was told to try the strawberry shortcake. It surpassed all expectations. 

The grounds crew did the YMCA. We all did the YMCA.

I don’t know these people. But the Nats won, 12-10! Tyler Moore hit two homers, and catcher Jhonatan Solano played the outfield for the first time.

I do, however, know these fine folks. (Photo from Kyle’s phone, I think?)

The game was my first spring-training game. I planned to come back.

Out in the parking-lot field, this guy called his car The Natsmobile.

Lots and lots of baseball-themed license plates, which I appreciated.

After the game, an Italian restaurant in an industrial neighborhood in the deep Orlando suburbs called “Luigi’s Italian Restaurant” was really, really good. Really. Honestly. It blew our minds, and we ate so very much food.

Capping the day was Boggle with Kyle’s terrific Boggle-loving family. 

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