Gaslight Anthem at the 9:30 Club is how you end a week




Last Thursday night we met Jeff and Mollie at the Brixton after work.

There were drinks. There were full plates and then bellies. An egg on a burger can do no wrong. Then we were at the 9:30 Club to see Against Me and The Gaslight Anthem. The former was the best received opener I’d ever seen. They were happy to be there, and the crowd was happy to see them. The latter proved again its case for making my desert-island list. By the end of the show, you felt like Gaslight had played half its catalogue.

But when you looked back at the catalogue later, not true. Every song just felt right, recognizable, at home in your ears. The pit was filled with folks my age bouncing off each other. We were upstairs, but a big part of us was downstairs, in the pit, on the stage, hearing our music, the music the band had shared and made our music. I’d taken the next day off from work. We took our time heading home, talking about those songs all the way. “We sing with our heroes, thirty-three rounds per minute, never going home ’til the sun says we’re finished, I’ll love you forever if I ever love at all….”

I ran across a fan video from the floor that captured the night.

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