Watching the Wallenda walk


I happened to be in downtown Chicago the night Nick Wallenda planned to cross the Chicago River on a tightrope. How could I miss that? On the walk to the river, I steeled myself for the possibility that he could fall. How fast could I turn my head? But I should have been preparing for the cold.

It was an hour and a half of standing on the (beautiful) river at night until Wallenda came out. As cold and windy as life was on the ground, I could only imagine things dozens of stories up. But up and out Wallenda went!

He walked halfway across the river in what seemed like just a minute or two, with no trouble at all. The second half was the harder part, uphill to a taller building. He paused and bent a bit, but he kept going without any serious scares. The crowd got louder and louder, and Wallenda made it.

Friend Sheri met up with me to watch the spectacle, and that was great. We had to eat and skip Wallenda’s second, blindfolded jaunt between the two Marina towers, but we soon heard he’d survived that walk as well. The pair of stunts had their detractors in Chicago. I wasn’t one of them.







Wallenda makes it! And waves.

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