‘It wasn’t just assisting animals. It was assisting people.’

It’s been a busy month at Patrick Cooper International Headquarters. So many things have happened, some happy, some sad, some intriguing for the future. One of the good things has been my brother (Brother Rob) and his girlfriend, Danielle, getting engaged. I’m all kinds of happy for them.

A good way to introduce Danielle to you is through another cool thing that happened in the last month, with PAWS NY putting her and her volunteer work in a video. PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) helps ailing seniors and other vulnerable folks keep pets in their lives. Danielle has been active with them for a long time, and my brother gets in on the fine work too.

The cool snippet from Instagram featuring Danielle:

The longer version with lots of folks talking about PAWS NY’s goodness:

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