Helen Hunt as ‘New Yorker’ ed

This trailer for Ride doesn’t make the movie look great. Maybe it’ll be terrific, who knows — benefit of the doubt. But I’m pretty sure if you asked me, before the trailer came out, what my various dream movie characters might be, Helen-Hunt-as-New-Yorker-editor might be one. Yes, this movie isn’t about the magazine. But I like that the idea exists.

Related thought from this trailer: How great would it be if Hunt played Judy Woodruff in a movie? How great would it be if there were a movie about The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour? I have no idea what the plot would be. Maybe no one beyond D.C. journalists and dedicated PBS viewers would watch it. But I’m now actively casting that movie in my head.

Trailer via friend Meriah’s interview with Hunt (note: auto-play video).

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