The heyday of Elvis-Pelvis

A year or so ago, when Angela Burke died, her obituary caught my attention. “Angela Burke-Kerrigan blazed a trail for female journalists,” the Toronto Star headline said. My favorite line? “In 1957, the Star sent her to cover an Elvis concert, after which she wrote an entertainment column that ran with the headline ‘She Likes Elvis But Not Pelvis,’ admitting the king of rock and roll seemed both impressive and dangerously charming.”

This morning, while trying and failing to find an image to cheer up a friend with a recently fractured pelvis, I came across the Elvis-Pelvis story, and it lived up to all expectations one could have. Here’s part one and part two. Both come from a terrific archive of Elvis concert reviews.

Says Burke, “After seeing Elvis in action, the question is not what’s going to happen to the teen-age squealers who undoubtedly will recover their equilibria, but what will become of this Bible-reading, non-smoking, non-drinking boy who is so good to his mother.” Says Presley at the press conference, “You can be as hot as poker one day and colder than an ice cube the next.”

All of this is so much better than the tour’s subsequent coverage in Spokane: “It’s hardly original, but if any daughter of mine broke out of the woodshed tonight to see Elvis Presley in Empire Stadium, I’d kick her teeth in.” Yikes.

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