So much for that comeback

“This is where the Patrick comeback begins,” I wrote in 2013, with so much hope. In the Social Security baby-name index in 2012, Patrick had moved from 144 (or 143, depending on your source) to 142 among boys. The upward move was my name’s first rise since 1994. I truly believed we Patricks were on our way back.

Checking the data tonight, because why not, I find the gain was sadly short-lived. In 2013’s Social Security data, Patrick fell to 154, Patrick’s worst showing since 1920 (at position 159). In 2014, my name didn’t do much better, finishing at 153. Patrick’s all-time worst showing was 1919, at position 166. We’re not far away.

The ten boy names that finished ahead of Patrick in 2014 were: Victor, Ryker (named after the island?), Jayce (sure), Preston (come on), Bryan, Kaleb, Miguel, Axel (that one kills me every year), Steven, and (this is why they hate us) Ashton.

Cooper, thankfully, has plateaued as a first name. (The blog is long on the record as being pro-Cooper-last-name, anti-Cooper-first-name.) After hitting spot 75 in 2010, subsequent years saw Cooper fall to spots 82, 83, 84, and (in 2014) 86.

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