I still can’t decide which line from this story is my favorite

In the wake of the Cubs renewed, near-not futility, the Times’ Dan Barry adopts the word-smithing of the last time the team won the Series in glorious and lengthy style: “Even in the Language of 1908, the Cubs Come Up Losers.”

Days after it ran, possibilities for my favorite part:

1) “The ignominious rout of the valiant but overmatched hometown squad turned the deafening cheers of the Chicago multitudes into plaintive keens, for now their agonizing wait for another championship — the last in 1908, during the presidency of the rough-riding Theodore Roosevelt — must continue.”

2) “Perhaps the Cubs took some measly comfort in not allowing that Metropolitan miracle, the ginger-haired second-sacker Daniel Murphy, his customary home run until the eighth inning.”

3) “Fans laughed and cheered like college undergraduates.”

4) “The boys and girls of Queens, Long Island, and its environs will not soon forget the sight of the burly twirler and game winner Bartolo Colon — at 42, superannuated by base-ball’s time clock — throwing sinking balls that dropped to the shanks of confounded batsmen.”

And the last paragraph, which you can read yourself.

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