5 cool things today

  1. Lego Sisyphus. Via The Morning News: “Watching a motorized Lego sculpture of Sisyphus pushing a rock would be enough to satisfy our brains. But the detailed frieze work puts this one in a whole new class of mind happiness.” Best Lego art I’ve seen in a long time.
  2. Clam-lardo tacos. Jonathan Gold’s top 10 dishes from 2015 in the Los Angeles Times, including foie gras funnel cake, cauliflower and millet, soup dumplings, and clam-lardo tacos, which Lori and I were fortunate enough to stumble across in August. They were as good as Gold says. “There is an Italian-style gremolata flavored with minced lardo — cured back fat from sustainably raised hogs — as well as a handful of gently warmed clams and a drizzle of melted fat. And when you pick up the taco, what pours out is the pure, briny essence of the barnyard and the sea, a razor-sharp chile heat and just a trickle of citrus.”
  3. Lewis and Clark journals. Via I can’t remember, meet the most expensive book at Powell’s bookstore. “Inside a secret room, Powell pulls the book, or more specifically a two-volume set of the 1814 Lewis and Clark Journals from bubble wrap. The manuscripts were published eight years after the explorers’ return. … The edges are tattered, the covers have some wear but it’s in amazing condition for a 200-year-old book. That’s the main reason why it costs $350,000.”
  4. Horse poem.A Blessing” by James Wright. “Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota, / Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. / And the eyes of those two Indian ponies / Darken with kindness.”
  5. What kind of waffles? How to make mac and cheese waffles, via a friend of friend Melissa’s. MAC AND CHEESE WAFFLES is a thing that exists.

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  1. Maybe that’ll be the next iteration? I knew the hill thing, but now you’ve sent me to Wikipedia to find out WHY. So much drama. The Greeks, so good at the drama! What a Netflix they would have made.

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