Good reads from the climate talks

By two friends who’ve been there for the quite-lengthy duration.

From Andrew Restuccia, a terrific tick-tock of the final days:

LE BOURGET, France — After years of preparation and two weeks of tireless negotiations, after all the speeches and backroom compromising, one misplaced word brought the momentum toward a historic global deal on climate change to a halt Saturday — for at least a few hours.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Katz gives a gonzo interview to Inverse:

“It’s like if you had a business conference in Milwaukee but instead of holding it in Milwaukee they held it at Epcot and on the first day the president of every country in the world came. … But then they all left, and you were at Epcot, but it was still just your stupid business conference, except the thing that your business conference is supposed to do is save the world.”

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