Go because I never would

The new issue of Wired briefly visits the Skylodge capsules, rentable glass rooms strapped to a sheer cliff 1,200-feet above Peru’s Sacred Valley.  You climb the cliff to reach the rooms — iron rungs have been punched into the rock face — and then Zipline down the next day. There are some conveniences. While you’re up there, a guide stays in another pod and brings you dinner and wine. And there’s a bathroom in the pod.

But the bathroom has a glass floor, and maybe by now you grasp the terror of the experience. I’ve been thinking about it for two days now. In the pod, would you have your best sleep ever or your worst? Best argument for best sleep of your life: You have spent the day climbing a huge cliff ladder, including the parts where it turns sideways, and you no longer have to climb that ladder anymore. Best argument for worst sleep of your life: You have spent the day climbing a huge cliff ladder, including the parts were it turns sideways, and now you are attempting to sleep in a glass pod strapped to the side of the cliff. “We felt completely safe,” the Wired writer says of herself and her husband. Maybe they are more fearless than you. Or maybe today’s the day it all comes down.

Either way, the experience sounds amazing, and I would love to do it. Would I actually? Unlikely. Before we chose Italy for our honeymoon, I ruled out several places in the Caribbean just because of their mosquitos, and that was before Zika became a thing. I don’t need the hassle. Also, as much as I like the zipline-ropes adventure courses around the D.C. area, they strike me as smaller adventures than a Peruvian cliff might provide.

But — you, my friend. You should go. Take pictures. Tell me how it was. Tell me about your night of cliff-face sleep and the dreams you had.

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