‘Patrick’ nears record worst

The possibility of a comeback teases so.

After losing ground every year since 1984, “Patrick” finally leveled off in 2010 in the Social Security boy-baby name rankings: holding at spot 129. But in 2011, the name dropped to 144, its biggest tumble in years.

In 2012, my hopes rose again — an improvement to 141st position. But 2013 brought a dive to 154th. I was guarded when 2014 came in at 153rd. And rightly so. I just checked the numbers for 2015, and Patricks now sat at 164.

This spot is the name’s second worst showing since 1900, the beginning of Social Security’s name data. Patrick finished 164th in 1915 and 166th in 1919. We are alarmingly close to our worst showing in a hundred years.

Meanwhile, Cooper as a first name for boys hit 77 in 2015, near its peak of 75 in 2010. The biggest gaining names for boys in 2016? Riann, Huxley, Wilder, Jazien, Canaan.


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