20 Springsteen shows

Lori made me a shirt to celebrate at Nats Park this week. The show was great. Three hours and forty-five minutes with terrific sound and a bunch of songs I’ve never been able to hear live before. New York City Serenade was amazing. Summertime Blues, Secret Garden, American Skin, a ferocious Because the Night, Lost in the Flood, Kitty’s Back, Trapped, I’m on Fire, and on and on and on.


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Baby’s 20th show. @btrpkc #bruuuuuce

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The 20 shows + 1 cameo appearance:

  1. 9/1/1999. MCI Center. Washington, DC.
  2. 9/28/1999. United Center. Chicago, IL.
  3. 4/8/2000. Kiel Centre. St. Louis, MO.
  4. 8/10/2002. MCI Center. Washington, DC.
  5. 12/2/2002. Philips Arena. Atlanta, GA.
  6. 2/28/2003. Gwinnett Center. Duluth, GA.
  7. 9/13/2003. Fedex Field. Landover, MD.
  8. 10/11/2004. MCI Center. Washington, DC.
  9. 10/24/2005. Richmond Coliseum. Richmond, VA.
  10. 5/28/2006. Nissan Pavilion. Bristow, VA.
  11. 10/15/2007. Air Canada Centre. Toronto, Ontario.
  12. 11/12/2007. Verizon Center. Washington, DC.
  13. 5/18/2009. Verizon Center. Washington, DC.
  14. 11/2/2009. Verizon Center. Washington, DC.
  15. 1/18/2009. Lincoln Memorial. Washington, DC.
  16. 11/8/2009. Madison Square Garden. New York, NY.
  17. 12/9/2011. Guesting with Gaslight Anthem. Asbury Park, NJ.
  18. 4/1/2012. Verizon Center. Washington, DC
  19. 9/14/2012. Nationals Park. Washington, DC.
  20. 1/29/2015. Verizon Center. Washington, DC.
  21. 9/1/2016. Nationals Park. Washington, DC.

2 thoughts on “20 Springsteen shows”

  1. Trapped–very jealous. I am sure you read the Post review. Thy mention Because the Night and call it a cover. Can one cover a song they wrote?

  2. Lori spotted that too! And the writer got the length wrong by an hour. Commenters pointed out both errors, but it doesn’t appear anyone is reading them or the writer had a Twitter account.

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