At the end of a sad week, nice to see this

Our Gonzaga class of 1998 lost a classmate this week, in very sad fashion. I didn’t know him that well and hadn’t seen him since graduation, now nearly 20 years ago. But on top of a family connection, we sat together in a few classes and he was always friendly to me. Been thinking of him and his family a lot this week.

The day after we learned that news, a storm took the roof off Gonzaga’s church, St. Al’s. Minor compared to a death, but not good news. Strange feeling to look out the window and see the damage down the block.

So, it was meaningful consolation this week for the Post to put the school’s service programs in warm light and at long-read length. There’s talk of the McKenna Center, where classes from my time volunteered, but also cool new programs: “The historical Jesuit boys’ school was the first high school in the country to join the college-based Campus Kitchens Project, in which students recover unused food and prepare meals in the school kitchen space to feed needy neighbors.”

No matter how your week was, this story helps.

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