Hopefully the best worst movie of 2018

At the top of my closet sits a trucker cap advertising the video game Rampage. Few times feel right to wear it, at least ones that would feel legitimate and not ironic. My childhood-arcade love of the game is legitimate and quarter-filled and not ironic or sarcastic. So, count me near the top of the list of those surprised that Hollywood is making a feature film of the game, starring no less than The Rock.

The director says the movie will “be a lot more emotional, a lot scarier and a lot more real than you’d expect” and I have no doubt the emotions will top the video game — with its almost singular goal of smashing things — in their complexity.

The movie comes out April 20. I hope there are think pieces.

Wikipedia reminds us of the game: “The monsters can climb the buildings, punching them to pieces on the way down which will eventually reduce them to rubble. … Damage is recovered by eating the various food items such as fruit, roast chicken, or even the soldiers. …¬†Helpful items include food or money, while dangerous ones include bombs, electrical appliances, and cigarettes. Some items can be both; for example, a toaster is dangerous until the toast pops up, and a photographer must be eaten quickly before he dazzles the player’s monster with his flash, causing it to fall.”

I hope there are takes. Slate’s is a good start. I also enjoy¬†learning why the game started in Peoria of all places. Perhaps there’s more to learn about chickens and toasters as well. Toasters deserve a spot in the movie. Time to find my hat.

2 thoughts on “Hopefully the best worst movie of 2018”

  1. I thought this read, “I hope there are stakes.” I wasn’t sure why there would be, but as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I am all for stakes always!

  2. Or steaks! The Rock sitting down to a nice rib-eye. A nice, leisurely meal. No one in the theater would be expecting it.

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